Monday, August 25, 2014

Car Paint Shader - Tutorial

Over the summer I spent some of my free time developing the car paint shader which I plan on using in Cafe Races. Initially, it started out as a simple idea, but it quickly evolved into a massive project. It grew in complexity and the graphic qualities also grew. Now I have a system which can simulate hundreds of different types of car paints, and if you are a UE4 developer, I want to share it with you! The tutorial is being hosted here at you can find the specific page here: tutorial 

If you give it a shot, I wish you luck. The effort is certainly worth it!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A few 4K captures

I have spent the day creating a few images to help drum up excitement for CafĂ© Races. These images represent the final quality of the motorcycle assets. The final car paint shader has been applied and I used more complex lighting methods in UE4 to render the scene. All together, it adds up to images of a bike that I want to hop on and ride into the distance. 

Link to full quality images: