Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cafe Races Demo!

Hello everyone, 

It's finally here. A brief glimpse of what is to come for Cafe Races. This tech demo give you the change to see the CB750 up close and personal. 

The demo will run on normal machines by default, and if you happen to currently own a VR headset. Pressing Alt+Enter will begin VR mode. (Alt+Enter will fullscreen the demo on regular screens)

The project was built as a developer version. Meaning developers can use console commands to dive a little but deeper into render features. 

Have fun!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cafe Races - Coming to VR

An extremely belated update: I would like to announce that Cafe Races will be coming to VR!

Shortly after GDC last year I moved to Los Angeles to develop VR content for a VFX studio named Pixomondo. The work I was doing there was industry leading, but unfortunately it was short lived. Pixo lost interest in VR and let me go. Since then I have joined an amazing team at a studio named Psyop. There I have access to Oculus, Vive, and PS4 VR dev kits. I truly believe in the future of VR. Although I love the work I am doing at Psyop, I have always been eager to complete the vertical slice of Cafe Races

Next weekend I will try my best to release a downloadable tech demo of Cafe Races for the first time! Keep an eye out!!

Thanks to everyone who still keeps interest in Cafe Races. You are the best!