Monday, September 29, 2014

Car Paint Shader Improvements

I'm am finishing up the final features of the car paint material. Already, there is a functioning masking system and the added ability to use custom normal maps which affect all layers! The last couple of features I would like to add are: grunge/rust based on either mask or vertex colors, and maybe a rain layer. As soon as I implement a feature, there is another good idea around the corner. 

Here is a little preview of what's now possible with the system. 

Teaching a College Course

This news is slightly belated, but I am teaching a course in 3D composition for video games at Columbia College Chicago! It's really exciting to be back at Columbia, where students are learning the skills it takes to be a part of the industry. 

If you yourself are an aspiring artist, or maybe a developer who wants to learn their way around Maya, you can follow the tutorial series I give my students. You can find them on my youtube page: Asset Creation Playlist