Monday, January 18, 2016

Cafe Races - Coming to VR

An extremely belated update: I would like to announce that Cafe Races will be coming to VR!

Shortly after GDC last year I moved to Los Angeles to develop VR content for a VFX studio named Pixomondo. The work I was doing there was industry leading, but unfortunately it was short lived. Pixo lost interest in VR and let me go. Since then I have joined an amazing team at a studio named Psyop. There I have access to Oculus, Vive, and PS4 VR dev kits. I truly believe in the future of VR. Although I love the work I am doing at Psyop, I have always been eager to complete the vertical slice of Cafe Races

Next weekend I will try my best to release a downloadable tech demo of Cafe Races for the first time! Keep an eye out!!

Thanks to everyone who still keeps interest in Cafe Races. You are the best!